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Open to ALL Photographers.

Founded in 2011, Newborn Goodness was launched by the successful photographer Laura Brett. Through her Newborn Goodness workshops, Laura has traveled around the world and opened her studio doors to hundreds of photographers. Through these business ventures, Laura quickly saw the need for a community dedicated to newborn portraiture. Newborn Goodness provides a positive environment for photographers of all skill levels to share and learn with their peers.

Laura feels strongly that your education should not end as you leave her workshop, therefore all workshop attendees receive private access to a restricted area within the forum wherein each past attendee can continue to share, ask questions and learn from other workshop participants, Laura included.

For those that have not yet attended Laura's workshop, we welcome you!!!! You will have access to the forum, to learn and share within the community. Laura is very involved answering questions as well - she will give tips and tricks to help grow your business! Topics within the forum range from Lighting, Business & Marketing, Digital Discussions, Image Shares, Post Processing and much more!

Not just for newborn photographers - we cover all topics related to your business.
The perfect place for those who wish to further devolop their skill and take their business to the next level. <3

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