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Knoxville Tennessee Newborn Workshop

**Only Two Spots Remain**

Newborn Goodness Workshop
One Day Workshop –  January 14, 2013
Location: LaFollette, TN 37766



Day Workshop:  $1500
Limited to 7 Attendees
To Register:  Click Here 

Traveling workshops are wonderful if you don’t have the option of traveling to a workshop in Atlanta.

The information is exactly the same except we come to you!


Why Newborn Goodness Workshop?

1. STUDIO LIGHTING…. We offer a studio lighting workshop where most offer natural lighting. Studio lighting can be used not only for newborns but for everything in between. Simply put, studio lighting is consistent. We don’t have to worry if it rains the morning of our session, we have our constant light source. Travel on-location, still not a problem our studio light will easily transport. No more worrying about setting up in a small apartment without windows. Not to mention our light is constant so your skin tones will be PERFECT every single shot. We will show you just how flawless studio lighting can be. We’ve shot both and have found studio lighting is much more beneficial to keeping it all consistent and cutting down your workflow.

2. BUSINESS…. Yes, this is a newborn posing workshop but you will learn alot more than posing. You may pose a newborn like no other, but if you can’t market and run a successful business what good will posing do you? The business part of our workshop will help you with marketing, SEO and building your newborn network. We will give you the step by step process on how we started over from scratch; moving our photography business from one state to another, as well as establishing our baby plan and pricing. We will share the importance of business and how it can make or break you in this industry. 85% of our business in Atlanta comes from our clients as we are running a “true portrait business” and not just workshops. We will help you return home and get your business up and running. Yes…our BS in Business with concentration in Accounting comes in handy.

3. PREPPING FOR SESSIONS…. We will give you details to help prepare for your next session, preparing your moms and demonstrating how to get your newborn sessions completed in 2 hours. You can ask any questions, photograph everything for your portfolio – the floor is yours. You will sit beside me as we work through the poses… you will be there every step of the way. You will participate in posing from composite shots, floor shots, hanging and other poses you are interested in seeing. We will prep a session together, work on soothing techniques and most importantly show you how get the perfect image, all with studio lighting.

4. WORKFLOW…… We will go over full digital workflow (cutting down on your editing time) and give step by step instructions on how to achieve our newborn goodness. It’s all about shooting with a purpose and in return ‘get your life back’ from behind the computer.

5. CONTINUING EDUCATION…..After the workshop, we are still here to help. You can email us with questions big or small and we are happy to help. Not only that, you will be added to our Newborn Goodness Forum where you can give and receive feedback with questions that come up along the way. Surround yourself with others that have also attended our workshop for that added support and friendship. We believe that your education should not end when you leave the workshop and we will continue to help you grow!



REGISTRATION….. is $500 and due to hold your spot. A date will not be held without payment. The $500 retainer is non refundable. The remaining balance is due one month before we meet.

Included with the Workshop……You will also receive our Complete Set of Actions (Laura’s Newborn Goodness, Warm & Cozy and Black & White), 6 month access to our Newborn Goodness Forum, list of our vendors, our pricing model, marketing and business pdf, lunch and snacks, along with discounts from our sponsors and our personal fave, a Custom Hand-Crafted Frame from The Organic Bloom.

Please note:  We have a mentoring contract in place that all attendees must sign. If you have concerns about the contract or have additional questions about our workshop please contact us.   A detailed schedule will be given after payment and agreement is received.

La Follette is 39 miles outside of Knoxville. 3 Hours from Nashville

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See what other’s are saying!

“There are no words to really explain the amount of information I was able to absorb at the Toronto Newborn Goodness Workshop. The way that Laura instructed and shared was so open and friendly that at no point did you feel intimidated by her or afraid to approach her. She is so warm and friendly and was truly an open book. The most valuable thing I learned and took away was the work flow of a session. It was so simple and almost obvious after she taught it that it made you wonder why you have been making life so hard for yourself. I was able to shoot a newborn just days after the workshop and not feel overwhelmed with trying to apply what I learned because it was so well explained and put in a way that I felt more confident in my abilities.”  Amanda McCrea of Images by Amanda Photography. 

“There are not enough words for me to express to you as to how thankful I am that I was able to attend your workshop. You have literally changed my life and the way I shoot and allowed me to finally find ‘my place’. The compliments and kind words I have gotten from people with regards to how much they love my work in just the last month and a half is such a testament to you. I loved how you were just so open and honest and easy to talk to. Once I was done being ‘starstruck’ lol, I was able to see how much you just truly love what you do. Thank you so much Laura!”   Followup from Amanda McCrea one month after our Toronto Workshop.

“Laura was amazing to say the least. She taught me so much and took the time to answer questions and help. Laura made sure everyone was understanding the techniques before she proceeded. Would definitely recommend a workshop with Laura. She is extremely talented and such a sweet person.”  – Jodie Collins

“I feel so much more confident as a photographer after attending Laura Brett’s newborn workshop! I left with a drive to succeed. I learned how to perfect my shooting skills, how Laura runs her newborn sessions, (loved this part) how to speed up my work flow and also learned a lot about the business side of photography that most people don’t realize exists. The best part about the entire experience is that Laura is just a normal person, mom, photographer that built her business from the ground up just like we are all looking to do. I feel really blessed to have had the oppurtunity! (Not to mention i also met some awesome fellow photographers!) Thank You so much!” –  Nicole Stuart of StuStu Studio

“It was a wonderful experience! I have attended a couple workshops in the past but Laura taught the whole photography business – props, setup, posing, pricing, business, tips and much more! I know that the strategy I learned will help me streamline my sessions. Laura was very down to earth and easy to talk to! She is also funny and love her southern accent! 😉 Can’t wait to get ramp up my newborn photography business. Thank you Laura! :)”    –  Theresa Brereton of  Theresa Brereton Photography.

“Laura, Your workshop was really wonderful, but my favorite part was you… You’re so down to earth, a great teacher and just easy to be with. I used to stress before a session but not anymore. Thanks for that!”  – Terris Gills Photography

“Just wanted to thank you once again for sharing your talent with other photographers.  The past two days has literally been life changing for me.  I was on the brink of closing my portrait business to focus on weddings, but the past two days has helped me realize that my passion is still photographing babies and children. I couldn’t have had a better mentorship.”  – Staci Hill Photography


“Hands down the best…I agree with everyone! Although I am still a little ‘starstruck,’ you LOVE what you do and the best part was meeting the genuine person behind the beautiful images you create! Oh and everything else you taught us from a business perspective…well worth it! Thanks”  –  Stacy Kubesh Photography

“Laura’s workshop was filled with helpful information to provide growth for my business. Posing techniques were well covered. My biggest takeaway was less is more. Discussion of client questionnaire was very helpful, I had never considered asking about nursery color for sale of prints to best meet client needs. Contracts is something I will be exploring and developing. Posing was what I was loOking to develop and was covered well in workshop. Speeding up my editing was also an expectation and doing light editing was not thought of prior but makes complete sense to me. Soothing and wrapping techniques were great, would have loved to see hanging wrap but overall very happy with all demos provided. Laura has the patience of a saint and should be renamed “the baby whisperer ”  Thanks Laura”   –  Cindy Balkwill

“I very much enjoyed the workshop and look forward to trying out some new techniques in my next sessions! Your methods seem simple to incorporate to my current shooting/post production workflow yet effective and cost efficient. I have never been excited to start editing something but actually look forward to the process now! Thanks again for a great couple of days!”  –  Heather MacEachern of HRM Photography. 

“I really enjoyed my workshop experience with Laura Brett. I just shot a 4 1/2 weeker who would not sleep more than 20 minutes and because of the session workflow that Laura shared, I was able to provide this family with a great variety of images! Before this workshop I would have struggled and probably tried to bring the family back in to try again. It saved me and the client time! Laura is a real sweet heart and readily shares her knowledge. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who shoots newborns.”  – Sharon Gartrell Photography 

“The Laura Brett Workshop was so valuable in building my confidence as a newborn and child photoographer. Now I approach each session with a plan, certain poses, blanket/wrap/accessory combos, and set shots. Thanks Laura ! I have cut the total number of shots down per newborn session and I am very pleased with 99% of the resulting images. The addition of studio lighting in my sessions has helped me to nail exposure in each shot. And most importantly the time I spend editing photos has been reduced dramatically!”  – CMS Creative Photography

“I was so happy to be able to host this excellent workshop. I was using mostly using natural light for newborns, but was very interested in setting up strobes so that weather and time would not be an issue. I learned so much about posing and lighting techniques as well as some Photoshop and marketing ideas. This workshop is a rare opportunity to learn from a successful photographer. I know she did not hold anything back and there was nothing left out. It was also great to get to know Laura personally and I found her to be a very nice person to learn from. I think the things I learned from this workshop will help me grow my business and make me a better photographer.” –  Anya Colman Photography 

“Laura’s workshop was everything I expected and much more. Laura was warm and welcoming and fully opened herself up to us. Watching Laura work with the newborns and the knowledge I gained about posing them is invaluable. I have been using natural light but after taking Laura’s workshop I feel very confident in using studio lighting. The business part of the workshop was wonderful. Laura was an open book and no question was off limits. I left the workshop with so many fresh ideas about marketing and business and have started to implement many of her suggestions. I am happy to have Laura as a mentor. She is motivating, her success is inspiring and she is as sweet as can be. Thank you, thank you thank you!”  – Alexandra Rottman Photography 

“I have had the opportunity to attend a variety of workshops in my photography journey, but Laura’s has made most impact on my business! I never felt like I shot comfortably with ease and purpose, but in the short time I spent learning at this workshop I knew my business would never be the same! I feel like I incorporate something Laura taught me with each and every session that I have had since leaving her workshop! Her precise instruction with posing and handling newborns to her business advice is invaluable! I feel so much more confident and I know my work has improved tremendously! The workshop was very organized and each attendee had equal time with shooting and time to ask questions. She was very open and attentive to our learning needs!”  – Kellie Carter Photography 

We continually strive to be better and we appreciate your feedback.

Thank you for helping us grow!

Newborn and Business Workshop Photographer 

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