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  • Founded in 2011, Newborn Goodness was launched to provide a positive environment for ALL photographers at any level to share and learn with their peers. Topics within the forum range from Lighting, Business & Marketing, Digital Discussions, Image Shares, Post Processing and much more! Not just for newborn photographers, we cover all topics related to your business. The perfect place for those who wish to further develop their skill and take their business to the next level.

    This is where you will find us talking about the dailies, weekly themes, contests, and so much more ....come be inspired. We are excited to share the goodness with you!

Motivation Monday – {Photography Forum}

Every morning…well almost every morning, after our 5am workout – we search for a motivational quote to start the day. That quote always becomes our mantra for the morning.

So we’re passing it on and sharing our motivation with you!

Something so simple….Motivation Monday! Share it….Pass it on.



Newborn Posing Workshop Forum 

Welcome to the Goodness

We are so glad you are here…and excited for the start of our Newborn Goodness Blog!

Here we will be posting daily goodness from the forum, sharing business articles, weekly themes, contests and so much more.

We are excited to share the goodness with you!


Newborn Goodness…..Open to ALL Photographers

Founded in 2011, Newborn Goodness was launched by the successful photographer Laura Brett. Through her Newborn Goodness workshops, Laura has traveled around the world and opened her studio doors to hundreds of photographers. Through these business ventures, Laura quickly saw the need for a community dedicated to newborn portraiture. Newborn Goodness provides a positive environment for photographers of all skill levels to share and learn with their peers.

Laura feels strongly that your education should not end as you leave her workshop, therefore all workshop attendees receive private access to a restricted area within the forum wherein each past attendee can continue to share, ask questions and learn from other workshop participants, Laura included.

For those that have not yet attended Laura’s workshop, we welcome you!!!! You will have access to the forum, to learn and share within the community. Laura is very involved answering questions as well – she will give tips and tricks to help grow your business! Topics within the forum range from Lighting, Business & Marketing, Digital Discussions, Image Shares, Post Processing and much more!

Not just for newborn photographers, we cover all topics related to your business. The perfect place for those who wish to further devolop their skill and take their business to the next level. <3


Thinking about joining the  Goodness?  Come see what others are saying….

“Newborn Goodness is a fantastic resource — the community is filled with incredibly helpful and talented photographers with a lot of knowledge to share about photographing the newest little clients to cross our paths. I’ve found it to be a great place to network and connect with other workshop attendees, as well as a safe place to chat about marketing strategy and other business related topics surrounding newborn photography!” – Chicago Newborn Photographer – Dragonfly Studios


“After being a member of a few other forums in the past, I was skeptical about joining a forum that seemed so specialized. To my delight, the forum’s topics cover everything I need to run a successful portrait business from newborns on up. Laura is always generating new conversations and the forum participants never hesitate to share with and help one another! Definitely a great investment!!!” –LillyBelleRose Photography


“I have thoroughly enjoyed being a member of Laura’s Newborn Goodness forum! I’ve learned so much from the members. Before, when I had a question about newborn photography, I’d spend huge amounts of time scouring the internet for answers or endlessly reading irrelevant photography forums. Now, I joyfully remember to refer to this forum first. The knowledge and encouragement given and received is invaluable. Membership is most definitely worth every penny!!!” – Destiny Tillery Photography


“Newborn Goodness is a wonderful community dedicated to newborn photography. I really enjoy that the forum is specialized towards newborns. I know I can always go there to have my questions answered on props, poses and studio lighting.” – Jolie Starrett Photography 

“I have finally found my forum home in Newborn Goodness! It is a warm and cozy place and I find lots of inspiration and encouragement there. I have been searching for a forum that specializes in newborns for quite some time (because that is where I need the most help) and can find answers to all my questions in one place now. I am not just a newborn photographer, although I am growing that part of my business, and there are many folks on the forum that are in the same situation. Laura is very active in the forum as well and always has great advice. It’s a great place for newborn photographers, those that aspire to be newborn photographers and those that do it all!” – Cindy McFarland Photography

“There are a ton of forums out there geared toward Mom’s and women in general. I was a bit wary of joining any of them site unseen. That’s why I jumped on the chance to use the 3 day free offer at Newborn Goodness. The first day I was hooked. Nagging questions about business and posing were answered immediately and things just clicked. The forum is so helpful and it’s so nice to be in the company of other photographers facing the same challenges and rewards that I decided to extend my membership for a full year. I’m so glad I did too. If you’re on the fence, give it a try!” – Valderrama Photography 


“I have been floating around these past year trying to find a forum that I really felt welcome in – I found it!!!! Newborn Goodness has been my now go to forum. The people who are apart of this forum are open books. They want your photography gets to that next level. The topics covered in the forum have been extremely helpful for my marketing plan this year. I have dived into studio lighting because of this forum and feel very encouraged by everyone. Hands down my best decision thus far. As photographers we can easily forget how important networking with other photographers is. I love everything about this forum!!!” – Amanda Rachelle Photography


“Newborn Goodness is the forum I have been wanting/needing! I have enjoyed “getting to know” the other members through seeing their work and receiving helpful information on both photography and life! It is a great resource to have and be a part of! I haven’t felt overwhelmed as I have by other forums, and so glad to be a part of the Newborn Goodness forum!” – Amara Cohen Photography 


“A few months ago, I took Laura’s newborn workshop. It has been absolutely wonderful to keep learning & keep connected through her Newborn Goodness Forum. I have “met” many new friends here, who have been so helpful & friendly. I love having access to a forum that is dedicated to mostly newborns, since it is my speciality & to share with, & learn from like-minded people. I have learned so much from the business side of things as well as the photography. Thanks, Laura!” – New Beginnings Photography


“Newborn Goodness is a wonderful online community of very talented photographers specializing in newborn baby photography. The forum brings together photographers through out the US and world to share tips, tricks and industry secrets with one another. It is a wonderful resource for the beginner photographer all the way to the veteran professional photographer. I highly recommend joining the forum and experiencing the joy of newborn photography from behind the scenes. You will not be disappointed in the friendships you create and the new things you learn every day on the forum.” – Aimee Fuller Photography


“I honestly can say that I have truly gained a lot of valuable information and techniques from Laura Brett’s one-on-one workshop, but to come home and Months later notice that she still strives to keep in touch with everyone and is active in the forum as well, means a lot. The Newborn Goodness Forum is very welcoming to all types of Photographers. I am a Wedding and Newborn Photographer and feel very welcomed here. The information has been so beneficial gearing towards Newborns, Business and every day life. I feel like there is a solid well rounded group of great photographers that are very supportive of each other here and I highly recommend Newborn Goodness Forum.” – Ashley Turner Photography


“To say that Laura’s Newborn Goodness forum has been an invaluable resource would be an understatement. Not only have I had many artistic and technical questions answered here, I’ve also been inspired and motivated by countless business and marketing discussions. I’ve spent the last year working on my art as a photographer and it’s now time for me to focus more on the business side of things. The Newborn Goodness forum is helping me do both. In fact, thanks to ideas, thoughts and suggestions shared here, I spent 12+ hours just this weekend working on my Business Plan & Marketing Plan for 2012! Thanks to my 1:1 mentorship with Laura, and the on-going support of the Newborn Goodness community, I feel more confident than ever in my abilities to grow not only as a professional photographer, but also as a successful business owner. ” – Heather McGinnis Photography


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